“At a very young age I came across a bronze sculpture of a Native American holding up a buffalo skull. I remember being totally mesmerised by it and dreamt that one day I might be able to create something as beautiful. Years later I took my first tentative steps with this new medium and found that kneading, pressing and forming the clay seemed to come naturally, and I soon realised that this was the perfect way for me to channel my creative energy. Somehow using my hands to bring life to a three dimensional figure felt far more natural than trying to create an illusion of three dimensions on paper. Today I find the creative process is both challenging and therapeutic ……… a masterful teacher in many ways.”

Brandon grew up in Johannesburg and always had a very keen interest in animals, collecting all kinds of weird and wonderful pets, from snakes to goats to monkeys. At the age of fifteen he moved to Durban where he worked part-time at the Dolphinarium and Snake Park. School was little more than an irritation that delayed him from getting on with what he wanted to do. In the ensuing years he worked as a game ranger/guide at several private reserves, filmed documentaries on lions and hyenas in Botswana and Namibia for National Geographic and the BBC, and eventually wound up managing a crocodile farm!

None of these ventures fully satisfied him and with his creative urge bubbling to the surface, he started ‘messing around with clay.’ This soon lead to the rekindled idea from his youth of working in bronze and with his artistic passions firing, his career as a bronze sculptor ignited.

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