Framed original dry point etching and watercolour on Fabriano 350g Acid Free Watercolour Paper.

There are many myths and legends associated with the Baobab Trees of Africa; which is not surprising given their immense size and age. The Bushmen say that when God made the Baobabs he was angry and instead of planting them, he flung them down to earth; they landed upside down and to this day their roots still stick up into the air. Another Bushmen legend says that the Baobab was the first tree to appear on the earth and from within its gnarled trunk all living creatures, including mankind, emerged.

I took the photograph that provided the reference for this dry point etching in the northern region of the Kruger National Park.

I will be doing a limited edition of twenty five dry point etchings using this image of a Baobab. This is # 1/25.

Size: 650mm x 570mm

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Dimensions 65 × 57 × 4 cm

Edward Bredenkamp


650mm x 570mm


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