An original dry point etching and watercolour on Fabriano 350g Acid Free Watercolour Paper.

On a recent trip to the Kruger National Park, I had the best African Wild Dog sighting I’ve ever had. I was staying at Oliphants Camp in the central region of the park and had decided on an early morning drive north of the camp. It was a quiet morning; a few giraffe, a lovely kudu bull, the usual impala, warthog and baboons, a distant elephant bull. I reached a crossroad and couldn’t decide which route to take back to the camp. A hundred metres down one of the roads I could see some Yellow Billed Hornbills feeding in the morning light and thought I might be able to get a few decent photographs but of course as soon as I reached the birds they all took off and disappeared into the undergrowth. I very nearly took that as an omen to turn around and head in the opposite direction but my tummy was beginning to rumble and this was the shorter route back to camp and breakfast. I waited for a minute or so, hoping the Hornbills might come back into the sunlight but they didn’t oblige. I started the vehicle and looked up, just as the first of sixteen Wild Dogs emerged from the bush on to the road. I spent nearly an hour with the pack, watching them tussle and play, all thoughts of breakfast banished.

It’s always incredibly special to see Wild Dogs. They are listed as endangered with a total population of about 6,600 individuals, or 700 breeding pairs. Their range and distribution has decreased by 93% and has become increasingly fragmented. The species now occurs in only 14 of the 39 countries it once historically inhabited.

I will be doing a limited edition of twenty five dry point etchings using this image of a Wild Dog. This is # 2/25. The etching is delivered rolled into a tube, ready for framing. Free worldwide shipping.

Size: 380mm x 310mm

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Edward Bredenkamp


380mm x 310mm


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