The Cartwheelers


Dominic Benhura is one of Zimbabwe’s (and Africa’s) most acclaimed sculptors. He works primarily in black Springstone with insets of powdered Dolomite. In this sculpture of two children cartwheeling he captures the essence of childhood, the innocent joy and exuberance of youthful summer days.

Born in 1968 in rural Mashonaland, Zimbabwe, Dominic Benhura began sculpting at the age of twelve, mentored by Tapfuma Gutsa, an older cousin who was already an established artist. Four years later Dominic was dividing his time between his high school studies and sculpting and was exhibiting his work in group shows in Harare, the country’s capital city. His first public recognition came at the age of eighteen when he won first prize at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s Annual Schools Competition. Within four years he had been invited to show his work overseas at the Millesgarten Sculpture Park and Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

After many early formative years spent at Chapunga Sculpture Park in Harare, Benhura started to gain international recognition and in 1995 he opened his own studio in Harare.

Dominic’s subject matter is extensive and includes plants, trees, reptiles, other animals and the whole gamut of human experience. His most recognizable work features human figures – often children – at play. He has an exceptional ability to portray human feeling through form rather than facial expression. He continues to lead by experimentation and innovation; his work is bold and daring and he captures balance and movement both physically and emotionally. His prime motivation is to explore new ideas, concepts, techniques and methods in order to express and communicate powerfully simple ideas. Nature, family and the relationship with his children are the main inspiration for his work. Dominic selects the stone based on its luminosity and colour and it is carved, ground down and reconstructed to create his work. What Dominic has achieved, maybe more than many other artists of his time, is his ability to create instantly recognisable work; the whimsical playing children in stone are quintessentially Benhura.

Dominic Benhura continues to garner awards and is considered to be one of the most collectable artists to emerge from the Zimbabwe stone carving movement. His work can be seen in museums, art collections and public spaces around the world.

The sculpture is 55cm long, 35cm high and 11cm in width; it weighs 12kg.

The sculpture is delivered wrapped in a custom made box, worldwide courier delivery is included in the price.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 55 × 35 × 11 cm

550MM X 350MM X 110MM


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