CB Ceramic – Cacti Sculpture Light Green


The Prickly Pear is common throughout South Africa and in particular thrives in the dry Karoo. Originally from Mexico, it is a member of the cactus family and is from the genus Opuntia, named for the ancient Greek city of Opus where an edible plant grew that could be propagated by rooting its leaves. In South Africa the Prickly Pear has been used extensively to create natural barricades, as feed for livestock and to make fruit jam, preserves, beer, wine and medicine.

Size: 270mm x 250mm x 50mm

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This sculptural form has a matte surface, except for a bit on glaze on the flower and the thorns. These Prickly Pear sculptures work well in groups (usually of 3 to 5) of different heights or individually. I am happy to take commissions to make in tones of colours to order if need be.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 27 cm

270MM x 250MM x 50MM


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