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This beautiful mask originates from the Lumbu people of Gabon – neighbours to the more well-known Punu with whom they share many tribal, artistic and spiritual traditions. In general, Lumbu masks represent the idealized beauty of Lumbu women. The masks characteristically have realistic faces with pursed lips, narrow eyes and high-domed foreheads. Punu masks show elaborate coiffures whereas in Lumbu masks, the hair has been transformed into stylized antelope horns; a symbol for the feminine values of tenderness and kindness. Many African masks carry both human and animal characteristics – showing the link between humans and the natural environment that surrounds them.

Lumbu masks are worn by dancers during masquerades associated with various important rituals and celebrations. The dancers are usually on stilts and wear costumes of raffia and fabric which completely cover the body – making their identities unknown. They move with amazing acrobatic agility, performing jumps and tricks to mesmerize the crowd.

Size: 330mm x 200mm x 130mm

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Dimensions 20 × 13 × 33 cm

330MM x 200MM x 130MM


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