Pied Kingfisher

Edward Bredenkamp


This watercolour of a male Pied Kingfisher is part of a series of kingfisher studies I have been working on recently.

There are 119 species of kingfishers worldwide, most of them in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Africa is home to both the smallest and largest kingfishers; the African Dwarf is only 10cm long while the Giant Kingfisher is up to 48cm in length. The Pied Kingfisher has a wide distribution across Africa and southern Asia and is one of the three commonest kingfishers in the world. Their brilliant black and white attire is a familiar sight along the streams, rivers and lakes of South Africa and their ability to hover above the water is remarkable; they are in fact one of the world’s heaviest ‘hovering’ birds. Having spotted a fish, they dive at incredible speed and hit the water with force, a bony plate sliding across their eyes to protect them from the impact. Male Pied Kingfishers have a double black band across the chest while females have a black chest broken by a white stripe in the middle.

This signed, original watercolour is on 300gram acid free watercolour paper. It will be delivered rolled into a tube, ready for framing.

Size: 595mm x 420mm (this is the full size of the paper.)

240mm x 220mm (this is the size of the Kingfisher.)

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Edward Bredenkamp


595MM x 420MM x 10MM


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