The inspiration for this sculpture came from a visit I made to a beach in Hermanus. After sitting on the beach for a while I noticed a young woman standing on the rocks nearby; she was gazing out to sea, deep in thought and meditation.

In 2017, tragedy struck Knysna; a popular South African coastal town, rich with wildlife and dense forest. A beautiful home was destroyed by a wild fire that also consumed many other properties. The house was owned by a devout collector of Willie Botha Sculptures. Ramona was the only standing object other than the framework of the home. A strong woman that was depicted in the art piece stood unmoved within the roaring fire which was destroying the world around her. Despite the catastrophic circumstances; she remained. Not only did Willie Botha’s underlying depiction of Ramona come through; but could it also be assumed that Ramona herself came to tell us her true emotions?

This sculpture is part of a limited edition of twenty five in bronze.

Size: 600mm x 140mm x 140mm

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Willie has developed the ability to convey an image or idea in a medium that has a powerful impact. He has a strong technical background and an eagerness to design and create. Putting his skills to the test; he decided to create a “start to finish” studio in Hermanus, South Africa. Being able to have this studio allows Willie to have a hands-on approach in consulting, designing, sculpting, casting and finishing each piece. All sculptures are produced in Hermanus, the studio was founded in 2006 and was customized by himself to reflect the needs of the art form of casting bronze sculptures.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 60 cm

140MM X 140MM X 600MM


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