Season of Spring


“The positive message of life I am able to portray in my art is a result of the passionate life I lead. Besides my art, my love of nature and my special people, my passion is ocean swimming. The headpieces of my sculptures started off as swimming caps, obviously on indication of the severity of my swimming addiction! Over time they have become elements of nature; trees, flowers, birds, fish, those which represent the Trilogy of Ocean, Sky and Earth. The eyes on my sculptures are often not visible, which is my way of communicating the inner dialogue, that which is introspective.”

“Besides the deeper meaning of my work, the form is very important to me. I love simple, strong lines that say as much in the negative as in the positive form. They rely heavily on the play between light and shadow, which I further enhance with dark oxide washes.”

Size: 220mm x 130mm x 300mm (Height)

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Dimensions 22 × 13 × 30 cm

Billie McNaughton


220mm x 130mm x 300mm


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