Taking Flight

Edward Bredenkamp


Flamingos are such remarkable creatures; they seem to possess multiple personalities. Out in shallow water they are as graceful as high fashion models, their necks elegantly curved as they skim the surface for algae, tiny crustaceans and insects. On dry land they become clumsy, ageing ballerinas; a little knock-kneed and splay footed and those webbed toes, so useful at stirring up the mud, are now much too large and the long, spindly legs give them the appearance of drunken ice-skaters so that when watching them you find yourself holding your breath, scared that at any moment one of them might take a tumble. But when they take flight everything changes and suddenly they become fugitives from a benevolent Jurassic Park, a beautiful sub-species of non-predatory and feathered pterodactyl, stylish and sophisticated in their pale pink and white plumage.

The reference for this painting came from a photograph by Peter McIntyre.

This is an original oils on canvas painting.

Size: 1010mm x 760mm

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This is an original oils on canvas painting. It can either be delivered stretched and ready to hang on the wall (framing in this case would be optional) or rolled into a tube, ready for stretching and/or framing. The shipment price shown is for the painting to be delivered rolled. If you would prefer to have the painting delivered stretched, please contact us at macbred@icloud.com and we can give you an adjusted delivery price.

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Dimensions 101 × 76 × 4 cm

Edward Bredenkamp


1010MM x 760MM x 40MM


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