• Ed Bredenkamp

    Ed Bredenkamp


    I was born in a small mining town in Zimbabwe and spent my childhood in the almost perpetual sunlight of southern Africa. I explored the wild hills surrounding the suburb where I lived with my parents and sisters and devoted countless hours to racing my bicycle up and down streets lined with jacarandas and bougainvillea but the greatest joy was derived from fishing a blank piece of paper out of a drawer, searching for a pencil or crayon and pestering my mother with the question, “What can I draw now?”

  • Anel Wessels

    Anel Wessels


    My photographic work explores issues around societal inequalities and personal stories. My approach to my subject and environment, combined with the documentary qualities of traditional black and white film photography, allows me to create emotive works which tell a story through intimate and candid moments, inviting the viewer to bear witness.

  • Dominic Benhura

    Dominic Benhura


    Born in 1968 in rural Mashonaland, Zimbabwe, Dominic Benhura began sculpting at the age of 12, mentored by Tapfuma Gutsa – an older cousin who was already an established artist. Four years later Dominic was dividing his time between his high-school studies and sculpting and was exhibiting his work in group shows in the country’s capital, Harare.

  • Elise Macdonald

    Elise Macdonald


    Best described as “magical realism”, Elise Macdonald's oil paintings are rich in imagination.

    There is a narrative element in all her paintings and the viewer is invited to enter the realm of their imagination. Women, flowers and birds are depicted realistically but in a fantastical situation.

  • Catherine Brennon

    Catherine Brennon


    Catherine was born in King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape. In 1979 she completed a 3 year National Diploma in Ceramics and gained her BTech Ceramics degree in 2002/3 (Wits Tech). Catherine has worked full time as a professional potter since 1997 and ran a successful teaching studio in Johannesburg until 2004 when she moved to Underberg in KZN. In 2014 Catherine and her husband (photographer Lawrance Brennon) moved to Hermanus in the Western Cape.

  • Duncan Butchart

    Duncan Butchart


    Duncan Butchart is a widely-travelled nature writer and artist who has authored and illustrated several books on birds and other wildlife. He has worked as an ecotourism consultant in eleven African countries, as well as in Borneo, Peru, India and Australia.

  • Lawrance Brennon

    Lawrance Brennon


    Having developed a keen interest in photography at age 16, I have been following my passion ever since. My love for the outdoors and travel has influenced my choice of subject matter and the landscape is my first love.

  • Lloyd Charakupa

    Lloyd Charakupa


    Lloyd was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1974. Growing up he was always interested in art and took every opportunity to draw and paint while at school but he never had the chance to take this interest any further. When the economic and social situation began to deteriorate in Zimbabwe, Lloyd made the decision to move to Johannesburg.

  • Mary McMillan

    Mary McMillan


    My background as a graphic designer and my passion for drawing, particularly life drawing, has influenced the way I explore composition and mark making. I often experiment with texture, applying gesso, fabric and found objects to the canvas or board.

  • Willie Botha

    Willie Botha


    Willie Botha set up his Sculpture Studio in Hermanus in 1999 from where he created numerous public sculptures as well as architectural elements for shopping centers and themed hotels.

  • Dave Coburn

    Dave Coburn


    Dave Coburn is a South African artist based in Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa. As well as being an artist and illustrator, he has worked in the graphic design industry for twenty five years.