• Ed Bredenkamp

    Ed Bredenkamp


    I was born in a small mining town in Zimbabwe and spent my childhood in the almost perpetual sunlight of southern Africa. I explored the wild hills surrounding the suburb where I lived with my parents and sisters and devoted countless hours to racing my bicycle up and down streets lined with jacarandas and bougainvillea but the greatest joy was derived from fishing a blank piece of paper out of a drawer, searching for a pencil or crayon and pestering my mother with the question, “What can I draw now?”

  • Anel Wessels

    Anel Wessels


    My photographic work explores issues around societal inequalities and personal stories. My approach to my subject and environment, combined with the documentary qualities of traditional black and white film photography, allows me to create emotive works which tell a story through intimate and candid moments, inviting the viewer to bear witness.

  • Elise Macdonald

    Elise Macdonald


    Best described as “magical realism”, Elise Macdonald's oil paintings are rich in imagination.

    There is a narrative element in all her paintings and the viewer is invited to enter the realm of their imagination. Women, flowers and birds are depicted realistically but in a fantastical situation.

  • Catherine Brennon

    Catherine Brennon


    Catherine was born in King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape. In 1979 she completed a 3 year National Diploma in Ceramics and gained her BTech Ceramics degree in 2002/3 (Wits Tech). Catherine has worked full time as a professional potter since 1997 and ran a successful teaching studio in Johannesburg until 2004 when she moved to Underberg in KZN. In 2014 Catherine and her husband (photographer Lawrance Brennon) moved to Hermanus in the Western Cape.

  • Duncan Butchart

    Duncan Butchart


    Duncan Butchart was a widely-travelled nature writer and artist who authored and illustrated several books on birds and other wildlife. He worked as an ecotourism consultant in eleven African countries, as well as in Borneo, Peru, India and Australia.

  • Lawrance Brennon

    Lawrance Brennon


    Having developed a keen interest in photography at age 16, I have been following my passion ever since. My love for the outdoors and travel has influenced my choice of subject matter and the landscape is my first love.

  • Lloyd Charakupa

    Lloyd Charakupa


    Lloyd was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1974. Growing up he was always interested in art and took every opportunity to draw and paint while at school but he never had the chance to take this interest any further. When the economic and social situation began to deteriorate in Zimbabwe, Lloyd made the decision to move to Johannesburg.

  • Mary McMillan

    Mary McMillan


    My background as a graphic designer and my passion for drawing, particularly life drawing, has influenced the way I explore composition and mark making. I often experiment with texture, applying gesso, fabric and found objects to the canvas or board.

  • Artists Collection

    Artists Collection


    A selection of original paintings, artworks, sculpture, prints, ceramics and stained glass mosaics from various artists in the Lembu collection.
    Ian Macdonald – Artist.
    Julia Reilly – Artist.
    Lynda Kropman – Artist.
    May Page – Artist.
    Sharon Masterson – Stained Glass Artist.

  • Gareth Munro

    Gareth Munro


    Gareth Munro was born in 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa. As a child, he and his family moved from Cape Town to Hermanus, to East London and finally to Port Elizabeth where he resides currently.

    Gareth was born into the extremely artistic Munro family and as a result has always had a passion for drawing. He only picked up the paintbrush to discover his talent once he was eighteen years old and became a full time artist in 2018.

    Gareth strives to achieve fine detail within his work and his beautiful paintings capture the spectacular South African landscape with immense artistry. He is particularly inspired by the Karoo, the great semi-desert that stretches into the South African interior; an ancient land of immense vistas and endless skies.

  • Paul Vermeulen

    Paul Vermeulen


    Paul Vermeulen is inspired by the immense beauty of the South African landscape. The Karoo, that vast semi-desert that occupies much of the South African interior, the bushveld of the north, the rolling wheat fields of the Overberg, the spectacular coastline; all provide Paul with constant inspiration. His highly detailed paintings capture a certain mood, a sense of place; with a brushstroke of light he illuminates the colossal vistas of this ancient land.

    'What motivates me to paint is an unknown butterfly like sensation in the pit of my stomach; an impatient driving force that compels me to try and create something beautiful!’

  • Boniface Chikwenhere

    Boniface Chikwenhere


    Boniface Chikwenhere is a Zimbabwean born sculptor/woodcarver/artist whose main medium is driftwood, found-wood and mineralised/petrified wood. With these materials Boniface creates unique sculptures mainly in abstract form. His themes include wildlife, birds, marine and aquatic animals and the human form.

    Boniface firmly believes that his work is not the creation of something new but the completion of something that nature would have carved during the life of each piece of wood. His main responsibility is to connect with each specimen that he finds and try to bring out the hidden shape lying beneath the surface of the wood. The resulting works are polished or oiled depending on the specific species. This added final touch shows off the magnificence of the nature of the wood with its natural colours and grains.

  • Lijnn Destination Maps

    Lijnn Destination Maps


    Callan Austin and Cameron Kruger are two creatives and best friends that capture various neighbourhoods and cities through colourful maps.

    "Much like the various senses around us and everyday life of a place, our work is a strong representation of people, culture and diversity. Colour represents so many things to so many different types of people. Colour is all around us. We embrace the use of colour and have a strong connection with the sheer beauty of it and what it represents to us and the cities in which we find ourselves."

  • Billie McNaughton

    Billie McNaughton


    Billie McNaughton is an accomplished ceramicist based in the South African coastal city of Port Elizabeth. Her most recognizable works are her captivating feminine ceramic heads. At times playful, at times intriguing, Billie's work is always delightful and highly proficient.

  • Brandon Borgelt

    Brandon Borgelt


    "At a very young age I came across a bronze sculpture of a Native American holding up a buffalo skull. I remember being totally mesmerized by it and dreamt that one day I might be able to create something as beautiful. Years later I took my first tentative steps with this new medium and found that kneading, pressing and forming the clay seemed to come naturally, and I soon realised that this was the perfect way for me to channel my creative energy. Somehow using my hands to bring life to a three dimensional figure felt far more natural than trying to create an illusion of three dimensions on paper. Today I find the creative process is both challenging and therapeutic ……… a masterful teacher in many ways.”

  • Frances Wedepohl

    Frances Wedepohl


    Frances Wedepohl is a South African landscape artist living in Johannesburg. She has a background in architectural draughtsmanship but has always been drawn to painting and is now a professional artist. The great South African landscape artist J H Pierneef has had a significant influence on her work. She is drawn to the balance and serenity of his paintings and to his mastery of light.
    ‘I love precise brushwork and intricate details, with a strong focus on line, colour and shape. I mostly work with a limited palette in oils, loving the variety of colours that can be created. I am inspired by the South African landscape in all its diversity.’

  • The Gallery

    The Gallery


    If you are in Hermanus, please visit us at Shop 10, Warrington Place (The Art Alley), Harbour Road. We are open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30am to 3.30pm. We have a wide range of South African Fine Art and Craft on exhibit with a special focus on artists from the Hermanus area. The gallery is also home to resident artist Ed Bredenkamp. On the first Friday of every month, Hermanus hosts the First Fridays ArtWalk when all 25 participating galleries stay open until 8pm – the ArtWalk has become an important event on the social calendar of Hermanus when throngs of residents and visitors alike stroll through the galleries.