Lloyd was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1974. Growing up he was always interested in art and took every opportunity to draw and paint while at school but he never had the chance to take this interest any further. When the economic and social situation began to deteriorate in Zimbabwe, Lloyd made the decision to move to Johannesburg. Life here was very difficult and Lloyd struggled to find work. In desperation, he borrowed acrylic paints and a few canvases and began to paint. Within weeks he was selling small paintings at weekend markets and within a year his works were being exhibited at several galleries.

Taking inspiration from well known Zimbabwean artists such as Chenjerai Kudzanai, Barry Lungu and Junior Fungai, Lloyd depicts both rural and urban African scenes in bold brush strokes. Working in vivid colours, his works leap off the canvas, capturing the vibrancy of African life. In 2017 Lloyd moved to Cape Town, where he now works from his own small studio.

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