Boniface Chikwenhere is a Zimbabwean born sculptor/woodcarver/artist whose main medium is driftwood, found-wood and mineralised/petrified wood. With these materials Boniface creates unique sculptures mainly in abstract form. His themes include wildlife, birds, marine and aquatic animals and the human form.

Boniface firmly believes that his work is not the creation of something new but the completion of something that nature would have carved during the life of each piece of wood. His main responsibility is to connect with each specimen that he finds and try to bring out the hidden shape lying beneath the surface of the wood. The resulting works are polished or oiled depending on the specific species. This added final touch shows off the magnificence of the nature of the wood with its natural colours and grains.

Over the years Boniface has established a network of people all over Southern Africa that search for these hidden treasures. They are his suppliers and earn extra income through this means. Currently wood is used from Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi and South Africa. No new wood is collected, each piece comes from trees that have been dead for decades, if not centuries. The wood is thoroughly cleaned, treated and/or fumigated before work commences.

Boniface exhibits his work both within South Africa and internationally. Apart from supplying selected galleries and interior design shops in South Africa, Boniface also exports his work to galleries and private collectors all over the world. He is committed to improving his skills and knowledge through interaction with and networking with other artists. He aims to expose his work to a global audience and to share his skills and knowledge with his peers.

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