(l) Linocut – Zebra Foal on ‘Africa Authorities’ Map


All animal mothers have tight bonds with their offspring but the bond between zebra mares and their foals seems particularly close. A baby zebra is seldom more than a few steps away from its mother’s side. They constantly touch and nuzzle each other and when resting, the foal flops down to sleep almost beneath it’s mother’s hooves. As they get older, the foals start to get a little braver, wandering a short distance away but at the slightest hint of uncertainty they come galloping back, often flicking their heels in the air in an act of bravado once they reach the safety of their mother’s flanks. I took the photograph that provided the reference for this linocut in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Original Linocut of Zebra foal on map of Africa. This Linocut is delivered rolled in a tube, ready for framing. If you are interested in purchasing more than one item, please contact us at macbred@icloud.com so we can arrange a consolidated shipping quote.

Size: 333mm x 298mm

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This is an original Linocut. To produce the Linocut, an image is first drawn on to paper and then transferred to a sheet of Lino. Using specialized tools and a surgeon’s scalpel, the raised sections of Lino not required are delicately cut away and removed. Lino ink is applied to the Linocut which is then placed face down on to the map and carefully compressed with a roller, transferring the ink to the paper. It is a time consuming process subject to many errors. This is a limited edition Linocut of 100. It is delivered in a tube, ready for framing.

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333MM X 298MM


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