Mother Nature


“Mother Nature is calling you, To embrace with her green hue.” Md. Ziaul Haque

The concept of Mother Nature (or Earth Mother) has been around forever. She emerges from the landscape and communicates laughingly with the emerald humming bird. The enigmatic humming bird has captured the imagination of many cultures around the world…. symbolising joy and playfulness it is also seen as a healer and messenger from other realms. The exotic macaw spreading its wings protectively over her head also offers a rich mythology – the Bororo tribe of Brazil consider the macaw to be a messenger from the gods and ancestors whilst other ancient tribes saw the brightly coloured parrot as a guardian or as a symbol of the sun. And the blue bird of happiness alights on her shoulder….

This limited edition, signed print is delivered rolled into a tube, ready for framing. Free worldwide shipping.

Size: 700mm x 700mm


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Limited Edition of 25 Fine Art Prints.

Printed with pigment inks on archival Hahnemühle Cézanne Canvas and varnished with Hahnemühle Digital Varnish – a protective finish that enhances the colour, provides UV protection and increases light-fastness and water resistance.

700mm x 700mm

Free worldwide shipping.

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700MM X 700MM


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