Standing more than a metre in height, Ground Hornbills are impressive birds. Their black livery, white wing tips and bright red faces are distinctive and the way in which they stride purposefully through the bush sometimes gives them the appearance of ageing undertakers. They live in small family groups comprising a dominant breeding pair and their helpers (usually adult males and juveniles from previous years.) They feed on a wide variety prey including insects, dung beetles, snails, frogs, mice, small birds and tortoises. The breeding pair will build a rough nest of leaves and twigs inside a natural cavity in large trees or occasionally rock faces. Two eggs are laid but generally only one chick survives, the female and chick being fed by the breeding male and helpers.

Ground Hornbills have very characteristic calls, deep booming hudu hudu hududu notes are repeated for long periods at dawn to advertise territory. The dominant pair will initiate the calls and sing to one another in a duet that can be heard up to 3km away!

Acknowledgements to Peter McIntyre for the reference photograph.

Signed Limited Edition Print on 300 GSM Fine Art Cotton Paper from an original watercolour painting. This print is delivered rolled into a tube, ready for framing. Free worldwide shipping.

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420MM X 300MM


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