The Diederik Cuckoo is a striking bird of metallic green, bronze and white. It is an intra-African migrant, arriving in southern Africa in spring to breed and departing for tropical and east Africa in late summer. It occurs in a wide range of habitats including forests, woodlands and open savanna. Diederik Cuckoos are generally solitary and pairs are only seen together during the breeding season. At this time, the male calls for extended periods, a persistent plaintive song – ‘dee-dee-deederik’, rising and falling in pitch and repeated at regular intervals.  

Like all cuckoos, the Diederik Cuckoo is a parasitic breeder. They have a wide range of host species but most commonly parasitise Weavers and Red Bishops. After mating has occurred, the female Cuckoo will watch the Weaver or Red Bishop colony for some time, waiting for the hosts to be absent. She will then enter a nest, remove the hosts eggs and lay between 3 and 5 of her own. During the breeding season, she will repeat this several times in different nests, laying up to 24 eggs in total.

Acknowledgements to Harald Leber for the reference photograph.

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420MM X 300MM


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