Oils (Print) The Stallion


Zebras are such ridiculously geometric animals. If they didn’t exist and someone painted one as a fantasy creature you would be tempted to tell the artist they had gone too far! How can such an outlandish animal exist? There are lots of theories regarding the reason for their stripes. A method of camouflage, making it hard for predators to pick out one individual from a herd; a way for family members to recognize each other, a system of heat transfer that helps keep them cool. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter how many times you see them, when you examine them closely they still seem like animals from an overactive imagination. It’s no wonder the collective noun for zebras is a ‘dazzle.’

The reference for this painting came from a photograph I took in the Pafuri area in the far north of the Kruger National Park.

Print from an original oils on canvas painting.



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Print from an original oils on canvas painting.

Printed on 425 GSM Fine Art Archival Canvas and delivered rolled into a tube, ready for stretching or framing. Free worldwide shipping.

Limited edition print of 100.


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635MM X 800MM, 820MM X 1030MM


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