Swainson’s Spurfowl are endemic to southern Africa and are widespread and common. They occur in a range of habitats from open savannah to woodland. They tend to be bold and conspicuous and are usually in pairs or small family parties. In the morning and late afternoon they forage and dustbath in open areas, usually adjacent to tall stands of grass and trees. When disturbed they run into cover or, if surprised in the open, fly towards the nearest grass or scrub or perch in trees. In winter they feed predominantly on bulbs, tubers, roots and seeds; in summer their diet also includes various insects including locusts, beetles and grasshoppers. Swainson’s Spurfowl are monogamous solitary breeders and become highly territorial prior to nesting. In courtship, the male stands on a conspicuous perch such as a termite mound or tree stump, assumes a crowing stance with head help upwards, displaying the bare red throat skin and giving a loud, raucous call.

Signed Limited Edition Print on 300 GSM Fine Art Cotton Paper from an original watercolour painting. This print is delivered rolled into a tube, ready for framing. Free worldwide shipping.

Limited Edition of 25 Fine Art Prints.

Size: 420mm x 300mm

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420MM X 300MM


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