Oils (Print) – Zebra Conversations


Zebras are extremely tactile animals. Within their tight knit family groups they endlessly touch one another; nuzzling, pushing, nipping, resting chins on shoulders and rumps and at times biting and kicking. They also seem like great communicators, both verbal and non-verbal. Zebras make a loud braying sound, not dissimilar to a donkey and are forever snorting and snuffling amongst themselves. When walking from one place to another they often do so in single file and as they walk they nod their heads vigourosly, as though someone has just said something very clever and everyone else is in full agreement. I took the photograph that served as reference for this painting in the Lower Sabie area of the Kruger National Park. These three adult females were part of a family group, they had separated slightly from the rest of the herd and were constantly rubbing muzzles and nibbling each other’s cheeks. They gave the impression of three slightly superior ladies sharing a highly amusing but rather scandalous secret.

Signed print from an original oils on canvas painting. Free worldwide shipping.



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Signed print from an original oils on canvas painting.

Printed on 425 GSM Fine Art Archival Canvas and delivered rolled in a tube, ready for stretching or framing. Free worldwide shipping.

Limited edition print of 100.

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790MM X 1000MM, 900MM X 1140MM


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