(gr) Red Elephant – Nzipondo Family


Female elephants and their calves form incredibly tight family bonds; related females may stay together for their entire lives. The elephant in the centre of this painting is an older female, to her left is a sub-adult approaching maturity, on the far right is a teenager while the calf at her side is only a few months old. The older female is almost certainly mother to all three. They were leaving a waterhole and I had inadvertently stopped in their way. They immediately formed a tight bunch, the small calf tucked in the middle for safety while the matriarch decided if I was a threat or not. I took one quick photograph and then moved out of their way, stopping some distance off to watch them cross the road and disappear into thick bush.

Signed print from an original oils on canvas painting. Free worldwide shipping.



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I am frequently asked why I paint red elephants and I don’t have an easy answer, other than an unnecessary “Why not?” I do paint elephants in their natural colour but there seems to be something about the red that captures the essence of the animal, it’s immense power and presence. And sometimes, at sunset, when an elephant emerges dripping wet from a waterhole and the light catches it’s skin at just the right angle, it does seem to glow with an otherworldly radiance.

Signed print from an original oils on canvas painting.

Printed on 425 GSM Fine Art Archival Canvas and delivered rolled in a tube, ready for stretching or framing. Free worldwide shipping.

Limited edition print of 100.

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